Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stunning, Sparkling, Sexy--Statement Necklaces are Simply Chic

photo by Mike Yoder

Family gatherings, cocktail parties, winter soirees with friends—the holidays, meant for relaxation and tradition, always seem to come with hectic schedules and obligatory (but fun) events. There is no spare time to dwell on outfits and attire. Luckily, simple classic style will always win points. But, don’t stop there. Without extra stress or consternation, simply decide to be decadent. Jewels, jems, shimmer, and shine…
This winter spruce up a monochrome wardrobe—put on some bling.

Go Big or Go Home:
Statement necklaces and embellished collars are the quickest, hippest route to a stunning, striking look. Dramatic, massive jewels are eye-catching. Even the most drab of sweaters transforms into utterly fabulous yarn with an over-the-top, show-stealing, sparkly piece of ice.
Even small-framed ladies can pull off a super-sized jewelry collar. The jewels work for you, not against you—massive necklaces do attract attention, but do not impede or overwhelm onlookers. These enormous necklaces may be heavy, yet they won’t weigh you down. A little shine near your face creates an instant glow; eyes twinkle, smiles brighten, and cheeks develop the perfect hint of shimmer. The linear shape of a woman’s collarbone is beautiful and sexy. Wearing such a statement necklace will show off the nape of your neck and your body’s natural bone structure.

Guidelines for going Gargantuan:
Decoration enables dramatic transformation. A decorative piece of jewelry launches a shoddy, cheap outfit into the upper-echelons of sass and class. The right accessories flatter all body types; thus, recognizing the potential of a necklace worn by you—on your own body—is key. Consider chest size and neck length. And, never let the pinnacle of your pendant disappear, diving into your cleavage.

Purchasing a bejeweled, bedizened collar or necklace doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Carefully selected costume jewelry won’t look cheap or gaudy. Another idea—hit up the local antique store for flashy neckwear and you’re sure to find a hidden jem.

Although jewelry stands out best set against dark-colored clothing, wearing a bright, single-shade top is an option that will guarantee you individuality. Also, if putting on prints feels comfortable, do so. Try a subtle pattern initially until you gain confidence.

Discreet Details:
Large, standout jewelry pieces are meant to be seen. Don’t look smothered—tie back flowing hair in a neat knot and set aside dangly earrings.

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