Sunday, January 18, 2009

Men's Fashion Trends for 2009

photo by Mike Yoder

There is something attractive about a naturally put-together man. No, this does not mean uber-trendy boys walking the streets in runway-esque digs with obvious, over-done cover-up and the drippings of incorrectly applied mascara. Just recognize that Gene Simmons has already claimed that get-out-of-jail-free card!

Also, we’ve long since ditched the “I just rolled out of bed” look from the 90s; still, there can be a happy medium, a balance resulting in nonchalant sophistication. Thankfully this year designers are getting inspiration from classic menswear. Let us welcome a more refined, perfected style with open arms.

Dress down a Dress suit:
My father and George Cloony surely would get along—both resist the necktie’s choke. After years attempting to alter my dad’s anti-tie sentiment, I finally get it. With the appropriate color combination and a fine, tailored suit, a confident man looks incredibly sharp sans tie. A confident, intellectual, tie-less man stands out at any black-tie affair; his comfortable stance and seemingly loose, carefree attire brings admiration out from all of the other men—men who are, quite frankly, tied down.

Dress up Blue Jeans:
This season, clean lines and crisp shapes barrage the men’s fashion industry. The easiest part—your favorite Levis can come along. Slip on an overcoat or blazer for an instant style-lift. Or, even try a v-neck cardigan, button-up Oxford shirt, and a tie. Any fresh shirt will look great worn with fitted jeans for a night on the town. For a fun, laid-back look, cuff your jeans to show off your dress shoes—just mind your socks and belts!

Trim Khakis:
JFK, Steve McQueen, Miles Davis—these fashion icons recognize the impact of simplicity. Simple, clean, Americana. Grab a pair of flat-front khakis, my favorite old trend popping up everywhere this season. With no folds or breaks, tailor your khakis to hit perfectly at the ankle. Khakis and navy-blue sweaters can offer nautical nostalgia; a slim-fit tennis sweater can add color, but a plain white t-shirt—eye-catching yet effortless—is key. Khakis, white shirt: James Dean knew what was up.

The ‘Must-Have’ and the ‘Oh-No!’:
For the quickest, hottest rebel style:
Ray-Bans and Leather Jackets.
Tom Cruise, Bob Dylan, and the Ramones did justice to these items. Instant sex appeal, instant style.
For a fast-track to the land of fashion faux pas:
Beware: The Deep V.
Hairy chests scare women and children alike. Please, boys, keep it inside. If you want to go deep, opt for the aforementioned v-neck cardigan (with an undershirt!).

Extras for impact:
Seemingly inconspicuous accessories make a good outfit great. Add white handkerchiefs to a white shirt pocket; replace the buttons on your sleeves with sleek, sophisticated cufflinks for a more refined look. These additions can also offer subtle insight about your character.
Consider your own style, passions, and lifestyle. Yves Saint-Laurent and Woody Allen are often remembered for their large, oversize glasses. Choose a single signature personal item and stick with it. Make sure it is something classic, classy, and time-worthy. Surely you, too, will be remembered.

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