Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pretty in Plaid

Sakchai Lalit/AP Photo

Scottish tartans, 80s hair bands, hunters, workmen, Mary Tyler Moore, cute cowgirls with knotted shirts and bare midriffs…even President Ronald Reagan loved to get his plaid on.
Reagan’s fondness of glen plaid suits will forever be remembered by the fashion industry, in turn making Reagan anything but… “a stuffy old goat.” John Fairchild applauded the Presidential Plaid: “There’s some sunshine, some California in that suit.”
Well folks—this ain’t California, but that don’t mean the sun won’t shine.
Add a bit of plaid to your wardrobe and soon you’ll surely see the sparkling sunshine in our own Midwestern Oasis.

Plaids & Prints & Patterns…oh my!
Wearing plaid this season isn’t meant to look like a Catholic school-girl Halloween costume—mix and match your plaid with bold floral prints, contrasting fabrics, and quirky accessories. Also, do not worry about wearing mismatched plaid patterns together; a large-print buffalo plaid top (normally a large checkered pattern of one to two colors) worn with a more vibrant plaid skirt or trouser is the perfect unpredictable pairing—you’ll get the best of both clans! That being said, however, both men and women can’t go wrong slipping into a tailored suit in one single plaid design.

Salute your (Plaid) Shorts!
Too nervous to tackle full-on plaid and loud prints? Incorporate plaid into your apparel less conspicuously. Try a pair of bright tights with a fall sweater-dress or stay toasty in a plaid overcoat. Plaid trousers of all patterns can quickly be made rebellious or feminine: wear a military jacket or a bomber jacket as your top for an instant, edgy vibe; wear a soft, pastel sweater to show off both your hip and feminine sides simultaneously.

Accessorize like a Scot!
Make accent pieces stand out. Show small glimpses of plaid here and there. For example, look for canvas flats in a plaid print or a chunky plastic bangle with a plaid design. Wear plaid scarves and hats against printed t-shirts and monochrome tops. Also, purses, gloves, and belts can all be found in plaid.

The weather is becoming chilly and the sky is turning gray. A little California sunshine truly could benefit this Midwestern Oasis.
We all can’t have our very own Scot—but don’t be sad, just be...

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