Sunday, January 18, 2009

Futuristic Farm Fashion

photo by Mike Yoder

Patent leather pumps, angular skirts, metallic leggings—the fashion of the future is now.
Sneak-peaks that shed light on tomorrow’s concept of glamour are showing their faces in the least-expected of places; fresh modern materials, unique design details, asymmetric patterns, and endless textile variations open doors for young hip designers that are ready to stand out, explore, and create the new.
Outdated fabrics are not just being replaced with cutting-edge cloths—instead of recreating existing garments, designers are inventing entirely new forms. Previously nonexistent materials shouldn’t be wasted on the available, existent, outdated patterns—their differentiating qualities should be maximized.
So how does a wheat-state inhabitant flaunt futuristic garb without looking like a space cowboy?
Incorporating space-age apparel does not have to be rocket-science. Small doses of this runway trend are easy to mesh into your current wardrobe and will surely be worthy conversation pieces.

Clasps and closures, compartments and configurations:
Linear details, off-centered zippers, and detachable hoods or sleeves are a simple but unique concept that will set you apart from the masses. An asymmetrical line of buttons on even a simple colored jacket can suddenly draw the eye’s attention. Modern bold patterns and sharp shapely prints doll up even a simple t-shirt. These plain colors and designs beat a distracting t-shirt with type hands down. Plus, mileage on a wordless t-shirt is like switching from a Hummer to a Hybrid; your outfit can easily transfer from daywear to nighttime apparel. It is more sophisticated and classy, and by simply throwing on a pair of heels and a modern blazer you will be applauded for your adventurous, yet appropriate attire.

Shiny, Metallic, Bold:
Small doses of patent leather, shimmering tights, and bright monochromatic accessories can make your everyday outfits fun. The contrast of the fabrics themselves provide great dimension. For example, a course pair of cotton blue jeans worn next to patent, lime-green pumps instantly creates juxtaposition; however, the bright pop of an unusual color can be overpowering, so choose a drama-free top to ensure you don’t have too much going on. If you dare—slink around town in new ‘foil’ leggings! Pair all leggings with a mini-dress or a long, soft sweater. And, remember girls, leggings ≠ pants—foil or not—so please cover your posterior accordingly! Vibrant, new age colors can be downplayed—still maintaining the spotlight as the star of your outfit without overpowering the remaining but necessary pieces.

The fashion of the future is upon us and is quite practical, so find a balance—maintain your feminism—and be liberated! Just avoid looking like a sci-fi air stewardess, Cat Woman, or the Terminator.

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