Sunday, January 18, 2009

Leg Up!

photo by Mike Yoder


Leggings seem to be the trend that will never die; however, this fall more substantial leggings are (thankfully) taking center stage on runways and streets. From cotton to wool, PVC to plaid—invest in these thick, colorful, pant-like leggings for a quick, economical way to update your wardrobe. Although new leggings are more solid, still pair these “pants” with a longer sweater or a fun, oversized t-shirt. For more ideas, check out trendsetters like Ashley Olsen and Rihanna, both of whom have recently been spotted (appropriately) sporting liquid foil leggings with unique tops and jackets.


Nude, navy, black, and brown—BORING! Technicolored, monochrome, printed, and patterned tights have become widely available and these fun tights make a simple outfit instantly in-style. Tights are a smart solution during chilly fall nights, facilitating extra wear from long-sleeved dresses or short summer skirts. Seek out glittery, gilded tights for a sophisticated, nighttime look, and downplay bright, wild tights with a simple-colored skirt and top to avoid an overwhelming outfit; too many colors can be distracting and blinding, plus—you don’t want to look like a box markers (think Crayola Color Changeable Markers—circa 1994)!

Knee-Highs, Thigh-Highs, Legwarmers

Experiment with all of the versatile, functional sock-styles. If you are wearing a seamless dress and a suffocating, stomach-cinching tight would cut you in half with its elastic lines, opt for a sexy, thigh-high stocking that will still keep your legs covered and warm. Legwarmers (not just for 80s dress-up parties!) can be paired with thin cigarette jeans for a bit more insulation, and knee-highs worn with boots and a long skirt are a subtle detail that will maintain a chic appearance.

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