Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fur-ocious Frocks

photo by Mike Yoder

The damp fall days are leading to an even drearier frigid December. A Midwest Winter is no picnic: Keeping your nose and frozen toes toasty is tricky enough; however, this season’s fur trend alleviates at least one daunting fashion challenge—maintaining a warm temperature and a chic appearance.

Fur is a recognized controversy in the fashion industry. Condone real fur? Pro faux fur? Adamantly against fur—faux or not? Respectfully, to each his own; regardless, this season—fur is a hot trend.

Fur coats are not just for intoxicatingly perfumed grannies and Cruella Deville’s conniving comrades, so please—leave any and all anxiety at bay! Still a bit timid? Do not fret—a full-length fur coat is not the only way wear fur fashionably.
Accentuate outfits with voluptuous fur accoutrements! Follow this fabulous fur advice, and pick your perfect pelt!

Shaggy Furs:
Shaggy fur skirts and sleeves shout couture; check out pieces by Chloe or Missoni. Quality shaggy fur and from the 1960s and 1970s can be found less expensively at antique stores or vintage boutiques—think Kate Hudson and Almost Famous.

Cossack Hats:
Both men and women can stylishly wear Cossack hats. Cossack hats are generally brimless, fur hats inspired by past Russian military uniforms. Because Cossack hats are bulky, wear a fitted, tailored coat to streamline your shape. If you’re thinking, “but my head looks like a fuzzy q-tip…” wrap your neck with a thick scarf—its unique, variable shape will add another great organic element to your outfit.
Also, look for fun chapkas (‘czapka,’ is Polish for ‘cap’) or Aviator Bomber hats. Winter versions come cozy and fur-lined.

Look absolutely sophisticated and so debonair wearing a fur stole. Stoles are a step-up from shawls, and their simple, elegant shape is the perfect accompaniment to any sleek, chic party dress. Almost all stoles are backed with satin or silk and most finish crisply, simply hemmed; however, if you do fancy a full-pelt stole (head included) save it for daytime use! Wearing such ‘street dress’ at any formal affair may get your favorite fur shawl beheaded!

Fur Trimmings:
Look for tote bags, coat-collars, and gloves lined with fur. Small doses of fur are versatile, and can be worn casually with jeans or dressy with holiday outfits and elegant winter apparel. The ability to adapt makes a fur the perfect pelt—hone your inner-Bohemian; be spoiled by plush luxury; be elegant, be sexy, be timeless; flaunt fur.

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