Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let Your Colors Show

O.P.I. Nail Polish

Hot, Hot Heat…
Hot Pink:
My favorite, go-to nail polish has been O.P.I.’s ‘La Paz-itively Hot’ since a summer vacation to Florida 3 years ago. Not only did the polish survive the salt and sand, but also it looked equally brilliant at the beginning of the week—proudly shimmering on my sad, white little toes—as it did after my pale skin begrudgingly accepted it’s barely bronze hue 7 days (and 6 sunburns) later.
I often ponder writing O.P. a letter, emphasizing my creative name-giving, color-defining abilities in hopes of winning a lifetime supply of ‘La Paz-itively Hot.’ Pink just makes you feel wonderfully girlish, comfortable, and pampered; however, hot pink transforms you—once a simple college girl, a Kansan…but now a rocker, a foxy starlet, a fearless female with undeniable prowess, a La Paz-itively HotTastic Woman.
Thrillingly—after three years—my obsession with hot pink nail polish is finally in the right place at the right time. In 2009, the runways are filled with this bright, empowering, womanly hot pink hue—from clutches to headbands, pumps to blazers—wear bright pink to achieve the ultimate in-style look—hot.
Now, don’t go taking me for the ultimate girly-girl. I am normally much more attracted to country blues, earthy browns, and green colors, but I have noticed a certain glow my cheeks give off when any shade of pink is nearby. Hot pink looks fabulous on all skin tones. With so many qualms regarding fashion, so many anxieties regarding size, why fret over an easy, controllable wardrobe change: Simply pick out flattering colors that emphasize your skin tone, the hue of your eyes, the shine of your hair. Hot pink is womanly and strong; hot pink makes all lips shimmer and all shapes look crisp against the more subtle colors of the day-to-day, office-to-office, street-to-street world.

Hot pink is not the only ubiquitous color in 2009…
Messy spaghetti eaters beware! Bright white is the new black. Entirely stark white, two-piece suits, long skirts, and little-black…er…white-dresses are refreshing. 2009 provides a clean new start, and white’s popularity appropriately, symbolically represents this new upbeat attitude.
Look for white lace dresses or wide leg trousers. White blazers provide sharp, crisp lines and white skinny jeans or billowing harem pants offer great, unique shapes. Imagine a peplum-waist white top, white pencil skirt, and white wide-rimmed hat, complete with the perfect pair of pumps, driving gloves, and a travel tote. Clean, classic, womanly, refined.

Dip into the Candy Dish…
80s pastels, like turquoise, lavender, light-blue, and cotton-candy pink are making a comeback. Hold off before digging out your scrunchies and sweatbands though—the pastel clothing of 2009 is not stunted by the color or lingering bad reputation of decades past. Colors are combined in great floral patterns and textiles. Color-block outfits emphasize the hourglass figure of a woman while exploring the tricky shades and tints of pastel. For a sixties throwback, try combining pastels with black—look to the “Pink Ladies” of Greece for ideas.

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