Sunday, August 2, 2009

You Rock My World

Michael Jackson 1984 Grammy Awards, AP Photo

Michael Jackson left an enormous impact on the performance art and fashion industries. Designers not only mourn the loss of Jackson, but they also recognize the loss of a style-icon. In 1982, Thriller sold 26 million copies and anchored his spot in the fashion community. To celebrate the life of Jackson, incorporate his lifetime full of style into your own wardrobe.

Early 70s: Jackson took over the world of pop music, sporting wide-leg, bell-bottom pants and fringed shirts.
Wear paisley-patterned shirts, platform heels, and suede vests to emulate his style.

Sleek, Sophisticate: Jackson wore pegged pants, blazers, and bright-white socks. This look of Jackson's is a definite classic--you can never go wrong when combining black and white clothing. To achieve Jackson's style from this era, simply wear a black tux or suit, white collared shirt, black dress shoes, and a hat.

Thriller: Jackson's style in the 80s was biker. Leather jackets, black and red studs, and sequined gloves. Fitted biker jackets and 80s inspired studs are in style now, so utilize such in your fashion homage to Jackson. His iconic red-leather jacket, made by costume designer Deborah Landis, stands alone; its repetitive zippers and detailed shoulders call attention to Michael Jackson's individuality--he didn't want to fit in, he wanted to stand out.

Military Inspired: At the 1984 Grammy's, Jackson won 8 awards for Thriller. His bedazzaled navy military uniform with gold accents was a brilliant fashion interpretation. This military-style jacket is all over the runways. Look for a jacket with oversize, dramatic shoulders for a look that embodies Jackson. Throw on aviators (and a white rhinestone glove) and you'll be set. Or, if that in itself seems like too much, armbands were onbe of his favorite accessories.

Other popular looks:
Jackson's shiny, black tuxedo for Billie Jean is elegant but modern.
Also, in 1991, Jackson escorted Madonna to the Oscars, and the combination of her luscious, oversize white fur and white gown alongside Jackson's own white jacket and sequinced black pants made an unforgetable duo.
Jackson's daily wear is equally inspiring--black satin pants, a black fedora, and an oversize red jacket would make a fabulous night-time ensembleJa.
1987 Bad tour, where Jackson donned biker-cop shirts, badges, and chains.
His custom-made court-room suits--never in a dull black or blue, but rather comprised of bright fabrics, perfectly tailored, complete with a vest.
Lastly, tight-fitting parachute pants and Jerry curls finish his looks.

For current designs that embody the fashion spirit of Michael Jackson, check out Balmain's Autumn/Winter 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection (Paris Fashion Week).

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