Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fall Pants--What's in Style

Stella McCartney Fall 2009 wool pleated pants; photo from the Fashion Spot

Pleated Pants:

Wearing summer dresses and skirts is fun alright, but who’s ready for some pants already?
For your August workdays, last summer barbeques, and evenings out, slip into some trousers!

Harem pants were re-introduced last spring and haven’t gone away. You have to be brave to try this style! Their baggy shape comes from loosely draped, often pleated material around the hips and crotch; however, they are tapered at the bottom hem, providing a drastic, interesting change in fit. Harem pants are frequently considered a hybrid between a long, loose skirt and a skinny jean.

Carrot Pants:
Carrot pants are wider at the waist and tapered at the ankle. My favorite pairs are a bit shorter and cropped at the hemline. Also, look for a pair with a high, structured waist or extra fabric for cinching. This look really suits the name—a cinched waist with fabric bunching out resembles the leaves on top of a carrot, and its wider waist and tapered ankles take the shape of the actual taproot itself. Vegetables aside, carrot pants are a most sophisticated form of pleated pants.

Pleated Pants:
Basic pleated pants are the most dangerous of all—finding the right fit and shape is essential. If this goes awry, you will undoubtedly have on ‘mom jeans’ that give you the dreaded ‘granny fanny.’ So—look for a pleated pant that features either a wide and flowy leg or a more fitted, cigarette leg (the fitted pleated pant is essentially a form of carrot pants). Make sure your pleated pants are definitely high-waist or definitely right at the waist as well. Pleated shorts are easy to find, too, and fun to dress up in the summertime or pair with tights in the fall.


1. Tight-fitted tops: Because pleats add extra bulk to your waist-line, be sure to wear a fitted top that will show off your waistline. If this looks to severe, wear a flowing scarf or bow around your neck to make the look more feminine.

2. Heels: Heels provide extra height, lengthening your legs. Pleats often make your legs look larger and shorter. Booty-heels are a great option. Open-toed booties are great for hot August days, and a closed-toed, leather or suede booty will look fabulous for the fall. Wear flats or tennis-shoes (like Converse, for example) for a more fun, casual look.

3. Belts: A skinny belt looks very sophisticated and elegant with pleated pants. Don’t choose an overly bulky belt—this will look too masculine against the delicate pleats. Another option? Slip a long ribbon through the belt-loops and tie the ends into a oversized bow.

4. Material: If you are wearing harem pants, mind the material. A jersey or cotton material will look more casual and can be paired with flats for day-time wear. If you want to dress up your harem pants, heels really make a statement.

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