Sunday, August 2, 2009

Destination Dressing

photo by Mike Yoder, Lawrence Journal World

Whether you are taking one last vacation before summer's end or just bumming around town, these destination-inspired outfits will give you fresh ideas for the dwindling days of summer.

Beach/Clinton Lake:
Swimming or hanging at the beach is a great way to enjoy nature. Feel at home next to the water by incorporating natural colors and fabrics into your daily wear--leather, straw, cotton, and cool blue colors. Then pass the tides laying out on a straw beach mat.
Packing List:
Bold sundress
straw-accessories--beach bag, fedora, floppy hat, basket purse, espadrilles, and aforementioned beach mat
Gold Shimmery Eyeshadow
Gold bangles, earrings, and necklaces
Coral-inspired prints or colors
leather gladiators

Party/Summer Wedding:
Ladies, save the LBD for November, December, and February--pick a bright, monochrome dress for a chic summer look. For a fabric tip--silk chiffon is a great, lightweight summer fabric that won't cling when the heat rolls in.
Packing List:
monochrome dress
peep-toe pumps--more delicate than chunky
earrings--eye-catching, contrasting colors (such as jade earrings paired with a purple chiffon dress)
bracelets or bangles--match these to your clutch or heels for just the right hint of coordination

Big City/Night on the Town:
Sight-seeing and cocktail-drinking are a tricky fashion combination; however, with the right shapes and combos, you'll soon be a tourist and worthy task-master!
Packing List:
large purse
comfortable walking sandals
anorak--bright and colorful, please!
racer-back dress--this silhouette is sexy, and can easily be dressed up after a day of meandering
accessories--metallic combinations for an urban feel

Small Town/Back Yard BBQ:
It's always the worst to be super-overdressed at an outdoor event. You can't sit on anything because you are likely to get bugs/ketchup/baby spit/mud on your fancy rear-end, and your stilettos always sink into the mud. Besides, you look prissy! So, save your 4-inch heels for the city sidewalks, and pack comfy, classic pieces.
Pacing List:
color palette--classic country: blue and white
short sleeve cardigan
tortoise sunglasses
simple dress--a cotton fabric is simple and cool (plus, if you find one with an elastic bodice--wear it as a skirt, too!)
flats, espadrilles, or wedges--for optimum, anti-grass-sinking
simple jewels--hoop earrings or long necklace

Fall fashion is just around the corner, but don't worry ladies--if you still need a few more ideas to get through the summer-fashion blues, try out...
A funky, clustered necklace--such a bold piece can transform your outfit, and the pattern takes a new spin on statement necklaces.
A chic, straw fedora--tie a bright bow--or one with stripes, polka-dots, or other patterns--for an eye-catching, unique look.
Update a classic look--try going all grey, wearing grey jeans or slacks and a grey chiffon top--but accessorize with the clustered necklace or fedora, and--voila!--classic outfit turns modern chic.

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