Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tight Jeans

photo by Nick Krug; BDG Jeans


This year, blue jeans are more multifaceted than ever. Explore all of the great new shapes created in jean materials--fitted blazers, wide-leg trousers, and pleated skirts. Tailored denim can be dressy or casual--I say, wearing jeans to work beats business attire any day (not saying it's allowed...)! The trend doesn't stop merely at clothing--check out funky clutches, heels, and bangles all wrapped up in this cotton twill fabric.

I often receive questions about jeans and jean-jackets, cut-offs and denim vests. How do we make wearing two parts denim look decent, look classy?
Vests featuring studs, faded washes, and paint splotches put a spin on double-denim. Denim hardly washes the same, and an exact match is tricky—and too well planned. The best feature of denim is its personality, versatility, and spontaneity. Don’t attempt to coordinate too much—you’ll end up looking hokey, cowboy, and far too up-tight. Try wearing black jeans or skirts with a faded-out vest, or a light denim jumper with a punk-rock, studded jacket. Denim caters to far more genres than cowboys—don’t be ashamed to mix-and-match for the perfect look.

…speaking of…

Distressed Denim:
All I have to say is, “Already, so soon??!” I feel like an eighth grade student at Abercrombie and Fitch all over again.
Watch out, this trend can be fabulously 80s with a poof-sleeved jacket and spectacular pumps. Or, it may end up looking like you worked too many days on the farm and ripped up your jeans pulling weeds and feeding cows.
Wearing distressed denim dressed up is one of the easiest things to do. If you wear ripped jeans, flip-flops, and a t-shirt, your outfit doesn't look stylish, it just looks raggedy; however, ripped jeans with big hair and a glam-rock top speaks true to this trend.

Styling your denim:
As Americans have recognized for decades, jeans can be worn all different ways--preppy, rock-n-roll, dressy.
Look for speckled, spotted jeans to stand out. Pair your denim with a blue, chambray shirt or a gingham patterned top for an old-fashioned look.
Darker denim is easily dressed up--it looks more sophisticated than washed out, dirty-denim (sometimes jeans that are distressed almost appear green-ish).

The right cut is key. Belted trouser jeans, harem jeans, and cigarette jeans are my favorite pant shapes right now. A trouser jean is an excellent nod to menswear, and fitted, cigarette jeans feel sexy with your favorite going-out shoes.
Still, recognize that a popular style you like may not be figure-flattering. Trend or no trend--above all, choose a jean in which you feel comfortable and one that flatters your individual figure.

For more denim ideas...

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