Monday, May 4, 2009

Lawrence Runways: Art on the Green & The Drunken Sailor's Tailor

photo by Caitlin Donnelly, Special to the Journal-World

Last Thursday two fashion shows featuring the styling and design of brilliant locals took place back to back.

Around 7:00 PM, models at the Spencer Museum of Art walked through the main gallery. "Art on the Green" featured sustainable clothing styled by local companies or created by designers with ties to the University of Kansas. Store participants included White Chocolate, Eco Boutique, and Magic Carpet Traveler; two individuals also took part--Liz Kowalchuk, Associate Professor of Design and Meghan Arthur, Columbia, MO. Sierra Falter, President of the Student Advisory Board was excited about the show's success: "At least one portion from each of the outfits included organic fabric or vintage, recycled, second-hand clothing. We wanted to visually show students the dressing possibilities a partially green wardrobe can lend, not just lecture." The style was everything from casual, everyday to tailored chic, and outfits were dressed up with accessories like scarves and hats. The show rang true to me: I love thrifting and promote it. Purchasing vintage clothing is an easy way to maintain individual style and support local businesses by thinking globally, going green.

After changing out of my wide-leg trousers equipped with matching suspenders (both made by my fabulously creative friend, Meghan Arthur), I left the Spencer Museum of Art and headed downtown to catch a glimpse of another high-energy show--The Drunken Sailor's Tailor. It was the first fashion show I had seen as a spectator, and it was fun to see the final outcome still knowing some of the goings on behind the curtain.

A Drunken Sailor's Tailor featured 15 acts, each one capturing unique trends that can easily be worn on a daily basis.
Read on for my thoughts about the show's trends, some of my favorite acts, and advice to incorporate a little style from a Lawrence runway into your own wardrobe:

"Uptown Monkey," styled by Tricia Rock, was edgy, sexy, rock-and-roll. Think corsets, ripped tights, and big hair. Or, hair was slicked back--high pony tails twisted into a stumpy knot. Shoes were anything from chunky to strappy and super-high.

For a sweeter look, "So Quaint," clothing by Monica Gundelfinger, featured a gorgeous neutral palette. Bernadette Peters, the jewelry expert at Goldmakers commented, "The mustard mix on (one) red-headed model was spot-on. Kylie's hair was fabulous and larger than life in a way that offset the neutrals nicely. Big hair is where it's at right now!"

Even the ushers and announcers looked hot--decked out in red, white, and blue--this great sailor look made me think high-waist pants and red lips meet Rosie the Riveter, fabulous.

Pangaea Artspace and Gallery showed off a creative line of clothing. Gregory Thomas--the artist known as Rex--described the event as "Corn fed and fabulous!!" Their models walked out in drunken undies and tank tops complete with anchor stencils and audacious spray-paint colors that truly complied with the show's motif.

Another favorite group dolled up feathers and fringe for a 'Buffalo Goddess' look. Incorporating beads and moccasins with a simple skirt or pair of cut-offs can instantly change your look from average to stand-out.

The very last set by Jeremy Rockwell was stand-out. In recessions, every aspect of life seems to turn to fantasy and escapism. This fantastical group followed that very sentiment.

Take home points:
Debbie Harry punk/polish
menswear with sweet, pink or pastel palettes
Native American finishing touches
"Big Hair!"
Rock & Roll
layered, long necklaces that reveal personalities of the wearer

Program's Acts:
Uptown Money
styled by Tricia Rock

Beyond the Door

Prodigy Apparel

Kitty Reese
Styled by Jeannie Reed

Hot Tea Clothing
by Amanda Kapfer

Pangaea Artspace and Gallery
by Rex

Steffani Day

So Quaint
by Monica Gundelfinger

Missfortunes Creation Station

Kate E. Burke
styled by Kate E. Burke and Suzannah Johannes

Wild Man Vintage
styled by Nicole Edwards

by Loni Hosking

Vintage Van
styled by owner Martha Pierce

Another Man's Treasure
by Fresh Produce Art Collective
styled by Charles Ray, Josie Wrath, Eroc Johonsson, Adam Dorssom,
Jeromy Morris, Paul Flinders, Robert Gandy, Whit Bones, Ostaf Heller, Aaron Storck

Jeremy Rockwell

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