Monday, May 25, 2009

Sleek Summer Hair

Milla Jovovich, 2009

Simple, low-maintenance hair is essential for keeping cool in the summertime. There is nothing worse than limp curls or frizzy locks from all of the heat and humidity. Read on for some healthy-hair and easy-style tricks for hip summer hair:

Hair maintenance:

Although it is tempting to skip conditioner in hopes for less-greasy, longer-lasting fresh hair, don't do it. All of the dry, indoor heat dehydrates hair, and in the summer months your damaged hair could use the extra moisture. Another trick for healthy hair? Try taking a cold shower. If you can stand the shiver, a cold water rinse will smooth your hair cuticles and create more sheen.
If you are considering bangs or a short, cool summer cut be wary. Humidity often causes straight hair to take on a wavy texture. Your new bangs may not stay where you thought they would!
If you do have bangs, consider growing them out for a bit. Longer bangs ending below the brow are in style right now. Check out recent photos of Keira Knightley for a reference. Also, longer bangs are much easier to pin back into fun summer up-dos. In years past I have braided my short bangs towards the crown of my head, pulling longer hair into the braid for more secure strands. A braid adds detail to a basic pony-tail and sets you apart from other up-dos.

Cool Summer Hairstyles:

Wrap-Around Braid:
For an elegant braided look, tease your hair at the crown. Then gather your hair and secure it with a hair-tie. Next, divide the ponytail into two sections; braid both of these sections. Finally, bring the braids around your full, teased hair and secure the ends with bobby pins.
Another chic, braid trick? Part your hair-the center part may be easiest, but an off-center part might look fun and different. French braid each section and wrap the ends together to create a coiled bun.

Low Pony:
This look is incredibly easy and versatile. You can slick your hair smooth or leave it loose for a more carefree look. The ends can also be left alone; however, for a night out, try teasing your ends to create a full, modern style. If teased hair is too much for you, divide the tail into a few sections and curl. Loosen the tendrils by pulling your fingers through the curls.

Subtle, Beach Waves:
Wavy hair just says summer. Depending on the texture of your hair, a wavy look can easily be achieved. Purchase a beach spray (my favorite is made by Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray); squirt the spray on the ends of almost-dry (air-dried!) hair. Twist your hair into sections. To set the waves, finish by blow drying your hair--quickly, so you don't completely unfurl the curls. Tousel the ends to add more texture, too.

More ideas for long hair:
Mermaid waves-- 1940s, large, rolling waves, side part
Straight and sleek-- flat-iron, shiny, center part

Hair cut Trends:
Hair in 2009 is extreme. Mid-length bobs were increasingly popular in 2008, so to stand out avoid a shoulder or chin-length cut.
Cropped bobs--think Agnyss Denn--with severe angles; pixie cuts--extra short, like Victoria Beckham's current hairstyle; super long, flowing hair--mostly seen on the runways, Proenza Schouler and Anna Sui's models.
A hair cut is a dramatic way to change your look--just make sure you have the face-shape and confidence to pull off a new style (especially a super-short pixie). Hair takes awhile to grow back!

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