Monday, April 20, 2009

Lawrence, KS--Fashion Hot-Spot

In April and May, Lawrence takes off as the fashion hot spot of Kansas.
Check out two shows in the next 10 days in Lawrence for a personal dose of home-town, high-fashion:

• The Drunken Sailor’s Tailor — A Benefit Fashion Show

9:30 p.m. Thursday, Abe and Jake’s, 8 E. Sixth St. If you are interested in donating to either Americana Music Academy or Burmese refugees but are unable to attend the fashion show, please drop off checks at Wildman Vintage, 939 Mass.

• Douglas County Medical Alliance Fashion and Jewelry Show

April 29, Signs of Life Gallery, 722 Mass. Proceeds benefit Health Care Access and Van Go Mobile Arts.

After a healthy dose of fashion week in New York and Paris, identifying a few runway trends with short life expectancies is vital.
Let’s face it folks, some things should be left on the runway.

Bloomers were originally manufactured as athletic-drawers for tom-boys. These scrunchy, ruffly, granny-like panties are to be worn under your skirt. Still, bloomers seem to be popping up all over fashion blogs in the UK, in the pages of Nylon magazine, and on models styled in all-over Americana. So, should we embrace this trend, at least happy it’s not as tight as a hot-short despite its teensy length?
I just don’t know…
Longer, denim bloomers are one thing, and equipped with a decent pair of patterned tights or lacey, embroidered leggings, a courageous young thing may chance it. Just be prepared for staring men and catcalls, a cold booty and purple knees. And then there’s the volatile Kansas weather…

Midriff Baring Tops:
In 1999, it was all about Clueless, Madonna remixed, and Britney Spears. Halters, bandeau tops, and crop tops made the naked tummy all the rage. I distinctly remember being sent to the principal’s office because when I leaned over—gasp!—my back along with my belly was showing!
Bare bellies always look good on the runway and on thin 14 year-old girls, but really? Is your middle classy at any other age?

These one-piece jumpsuits can look excellent on the runway, frumpy in real life. If a romper is not styled or fitted appropriately, it may end up looking like an old pair of hand-me-down overalls from a cousin two sizes wrong. Try to find rompers that highlight your waistline. And if you’ve got the legs for it—short, short, shorter! Short is slightly daring when appropriate, perfectly sassy when confident. If you are nervous, pair your romper with patterned tights that add to and distract from your body woes.

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