Monday, March 23, 2009

Resort Travel: Packing tips and tricks

photo from Cynthia Rowley Resort 2009 Collection

Finally! Sunshine and warmer days are upon us—at least for that one golden week in March: Spring Break. Whether you have vacation time or not, planning a fun holiday wardrobe can make the week something to look forward to, even right here at home. Why shouldn’t you dress a bit exotic for your desk-job in downtown Lawrence?
So, the biggest tip (and simultaneously my most hypocritical advice yet): Pack light!

Choose black:
Black basics are easily mixed and matched, and they always look worldly and elegant. If you pack a pair of black trousers or shorts, a black camisole, and a black skirt, other colorful pieces can be thrown on for a splash of color. Bring a bright cardigan—choose a monochromatic hue, a geometric print, or a vibrant floral pattern to stand out. Also, either pack your favorite chunky necklace or scarf or pick one up on a shopping excursion. By planning to purchase something wearable, it doubles as a functional souvenir and wardrobe staple, so hopefully you’ll kill all desires of buying those cheap, “Make love in Maui” and “The beer’s better in Belize” awful, tacky tourist shirts. Just don’t bank on finding something completely necessary, such as the perfect fitting swimsuit or a simple flowing black dress with pockets and halter straps and sequins and it has to be reversible and machine washable! Finding specific items in foreign areas is tricky, so be prepared with a back up.

Shoes, Shades, Hats, and Hair:
Think of all the possible activities in which you may partake, and make a list. Hopefully, you have activity-appropriate shoes in a minimum number—for example, one pair of exercise shoes (or comfortable walking shoes), one pair of casual shoes (flip-flops, flats, boat shoes, or boots, depending on your location), and a pair of dress shoes. But really folks, let’s be honest! 3 PAIRS OF SHOES FOR A WHOLE WEEK? Yeah, right!
Pack two pair of cheap sunglasses, unless you have a knack for keeping track of your Ray Bans. If possible, try to go natural with your hair for a week. It will be a solstice for your locks and a time-saver. Bring a few products that you have tried out previously to create wave, volume, or shine without dryers, straighteners, and irons. Wear your hair in a loose braid or a high, slick ponytail. When all else fails, a sunhat looks perfect at the beach!

Wear outfits you have worn previously so you don’t encounter a fashion disaster.
If you’ll be on the beach or in a pool, pack a comfortable swimming suit; wear with confidence.
Pack versatile, spring tops: old shapes feel new again because the weather has inhibited wear—sleeveless tunics, loose tops, halters, tube-tops, one-shoulder tanks, ruffles, paisley patterns, and pinstripes.
Bring a large tote bag that can hold the day’s necessities. Pack this in your suitcase, fold it flat, and it will practically take up no room at all.
Look at resort-lines for 2009 to get ideas. Embrace the laid-back, loose-fitted feel of the garments.

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